an old one from the states.

Sandringham Baptist church. Taken for the Sandringham & District Historical Society archives.


#4 of 200 images that have made the IYL Showcase shortlist. We”ll be posting 2 images/day in the run up to the London Showcase (October 23rd), when the final 20 images will be announced and presented as chosen by the showcase jury..

#4 William James Broadhurst

An old and dusty table tennis table in a now disused hidden room in the Sandringham Baptist Church. Photo taken for the Sandringham & District Historical Society.

Sandringham Baptist church, VIC.

Now over 100 years old. Photo taken for the Sandringham & District Historical Society.

Fort Queenscliff, VIC

Fire Directing Station

Fort Queenscliff, VIC

Couldn’t believe this building is 100 years old

an old one from the Queensland roadtrip a few months back

Kew Cottages (II), VIC

Kew Cottages, VIC

The Baptist Church

The touch activated bedside lamp at my granddads place in Wollongong which fascinated me enough to take this picture

Cat at Half Moon Bay in last light.

Glad this one came out as i was down to 1/8th handheld from memory

Anonymous said: Your stream is beautiful. What is your main camera of choice?

Thanks! I use a Mamiya 7 and RZ67 for the medium format and a Contax t2 for the 35mm. They’re all very dependable

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